Through Pathways, you and your loved ones create a source of light, strength, confidence and peace. This is the key to true, lasting recovery.
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Fear had overtaken my life and nothing was good enough for my parents or for me. After finding Pathways, I now know that I am worthy and valued by myself and others..
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Get a Free individual assessment opportunity to gain the tools, skills, knowledge and ability to restructure the belief system that often sabotages our ability to gain the results that we all truly deserve.

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Personalized Intensive Outpatient ProgramPersonalized Intensive Outpatient Program

We do a personalized intensive outpatient program that is not limited to just addiction. We deal with all destructive issues such as marital, personal, disorders, pornography & more.

Break The CycleBreak The Cycle

We break the cycle of guilt & shame helping the client to accept where they are in order to make a change in their life. We treat our clients with love, dignity and respect.

Driver SeatDriver Seat

Our Treatment team places themselves in the passenger seat while empowering the client to be in the drivers seat. This allows our clients to become healthy whole people beyond sobriety & recovery.

24 / 724 / 7

Pathways is a proactive program that explores what’s causing an individual not to live up to their fullest potential. We provide doctor visits every 2 weeks, monitoring, medication, testing, and availability 24/7.

How Our Utah Rehab, Substance Addiction Recovery & Treatment Programs Work at Pathways Real Life Recovery.

Everyone gets a therapist and a recovery specialist that aligns with each individual to create their vision of what they want. We want our clients to become healthy, whole individuals and to help them gain the tools, skills and abilities of a healthy belief system so they can live to their full potential in their whole life process.

We utilize a program that works with clients that have a high level of depression. Cranial stimulation allows the brain to have healthy brain-wave patterns, which reduces depression, fatigue, anxiety, alcohol, drug use, and impulsiveness. This program specializes in actual on-going detox and recovery.

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